Stay Positive with Dogs Trust

I attended Dogs Trust International Training Program last week, March 2016, in London. It was amazing ! The organization is so punctual, the lecturers and attendees were wonderful. Content of the training program was so useful. I wish this program were 2 weeks, 4 days were not enough. 🙂


Dogs Trust was founded in 1891 in United Kingdom. And their mission statements is: Dogs Trust is working towards the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.

The attendees were from Romania, Malta, Bulgaria, India, Poland, Mexico, Kosovo, Belgium, Spain and China.

The topics were:

  • shelter construction and minimum needs
  • cats TNR
  • feline infectious diseases (prefect, profound presentation )
  • dog handling and capture techniques
  • animal ethology
  • clicker training
  • TTouch
  • Developing an educational programme
  • dog catching
  • managing the rehoming process
  • processes and procedures
  • social media
  • campaign management
  • biosecurity
  • public relations

Miss Piggy


Why it is important for me and why I think this is important for Turkish people:

  • Turkey is not the only and isolated country that is trying to manage dog population.
  • Sterilization is the the proved, effective and humane technique for dog population management.
  • There are a lot of people in different countries that are doing continuously wrong while trying to control dog population because they hire people without knowledge of dog catching, dog behavior, or effective methodology for sterilization.
  • In India, where rabies are seen common unfortunately, sterilization and vaccination are only effective and legal methods for rabies prevention among people and animals.
  • According to Dogs Trust, most of the puppies are abandoned due to behavior problems, so they have started dog training classes in their shelters. So why not do we ?
  • The shelters are designed with the objective of rehoming the abandoned dogs. The staff is amazing, they are welcoming people who are visiting the shelter. So the shelters should be designed in this manner.
  • In the shelters, there is a desk with positive people that are welcoming visitors. There are areas that children can have a fun time while they are waiting to enter dogs area.
  • Shelter designs can be done so that PARVO , Distemper and other contagious diseases can be eliminated.
  • Rehoming of the dogs happen within the close radius of the rehoming center.
  • Punishment only works with punishers. They don’t work with other people. So, only positive reinforcement works.
  • Set the dogs to succeed. Depending on the behavior, ignoring it does not work well in every situation.
  • Dogs don’t live in packs, they live in social groups.
  • Dogs do not have pack leader.



Steve Goward – Dog Handling and Capture Techniques

Dogs  Trust offers overseas training, hopefully we can organize here one.







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