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Catching Dogs Humanely with Brian Faulkner

Brian Faulkner: I have been working in humane companion animal control for over 30 yrs, At first in the UK and now have been working internationally for around 20 years. I have worked extensively in Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America, North America (Canada) and of course Turkey. I am an international speaker on this subject, I am recognized as an European Union “Expert” through participating in TAIEX workshops. I am an adviser to the Government of Singapore and now in Azerbaijan.

Stay Positive with Dogs Trust

attended Dogs Trust International Training Program last week, March 2016, in London. It was amazing ! The organization is so punctual, the lecturers and attendees were wonderful. Content of the training program was so useful. I wish this program were 2 weeks, 4 days were not enough. 🙂

Stray Dogs Campaign : A Neuter – Vaccinate Project Story from Turkey

Stray Dogs Campaign has been conducting Neuter-Vaccinate- Return program in Turkey nearly for 10 years. Erdek, Erzincan, Lüleburgaz, İğneada, Bandırma, Edincik, Kars, Kadriye are examples of where they have operated. Their last CNVR ( collect neuter vaccinate return) project was in Ayvalık and Cunda. It had lasted until 2015 November, until suddenly they had a feeling that they are not welcome anymore. Why? They don’t know and still waiting for an explanation from the municipality.

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